Tag Along With Me

My shape for my project is a tag shape. I love tags. Since there is a hole in the top, it is perfect to hang a beaded rope or whatever from it. I have done so much scrapbooking in the past that I think that shape is permanently engraved on a brain cell. Today I got quite a lot done on my September Tag. I outlined the entire thing with brick stitch after using wonder under to iron on the fabric front and back to my center felt piece. I needed an iron on fusible which wouldn't be too thick or give my needle problems getting through it, and so far the wonder under has been perfectly easy to sew through. The fabric has a batik sapphire and olive/brown pattern to it which I'm sort of following, and that is a bit limiting. Now I wonder if I should have gone bigger, but I wanted to start small since this is the first year with the BJP and I wanted to make sure the size would allow me to finish each one by the end of the month. Now the challenge is how much do I want to cover on it?

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