Finishing Up!

This weekend I had some time to work a little more on my tag. My mind is not on this project this month, because I have a wedding to go to in a few days!! Cannot wait to see my niece walk down the aisle. I've been making little beaded hair pins for her hair and some beaded pearl earrings. I beaded up teeny flower cups with swarovski crystal centers and attached them to hair pick/pins. The actual beadwork didn't take that long, it was the planning, and "how is this going to work" ideas with testing along the way, that took up my time. I finished up her rosary, and now had some time to work on 'the bjp project'. I will be finished up this week. PHOTOS. The challenge for me has been filling a small space with something that makes sense together. I checked out some more bjp peoples' blogs and they have already shared their finished works...lots of talent out there!

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