BJP Tag PhOtOs

Small peek at my tag, before I finish it up and show the final photo. Some pieces like the large medallions I beaded separately and then attached them. The dreams piece I glued directly to the fabric and beaded around it as a cabachon. I just did a small heart of beadwork embroidery to represent the love of this month for my family. The blue crystal represents the Sapphire stone which is the birthstone of the month. I will add it to the tag later. It reminds me of a pretty blue eye! Here is a closeup of just a little sentiment that reminded me of my niece Brianne, who is getting married this month and has lots of dreams for her future. The 'dreams' piece is actually a scrapbooking embellishment. The hearts represent Brianne and David her fiancee. Ready, Set, I purchased some stiff felt and used it as my base tag shape. Then I cut two pieces of fabric a teeny bit bigger, and wonder under the same tag size and ironed them together. After the fabric was ironed on I punched a hole in the top for my ribbons, bead strands or whatever I decide to hang from it.

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