Whaaa Happened to November?

It's the end of November...and no I haven't even finished my bjp for November. I feel like I've been neglecting my bjp duties... My goal was to finish each bjp tag within the month...and that goal is now out the door...Oh well. I have been busy making kits and jewelry for a show on Tuesday. Here's a picture of one of the kits for angels. My friend who owns a bead store is sharing a table with me, and she will have tons of kits and beads to sell. Let's hope with this economy that we can at least sell some small things. I made up lots and lots of little charms in addition to kits, thinking that people are more willing to spend 2.50 or 3.00 for those than a pair of earrings for $8 or a kit for $10 to $13. I managed to make a small beaded turquoise cabachon last night that put me back into my beading mode. Tonight I'll get out my bjp stuff.

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Carol said...

Well, the months ARE flying by. If only winter would fly and summer would linger! I was working on a beaded doll challenge so my BJP for November is in the planning stages. But that's OK. You're not supposed to stress out about it, you're supposed to have fun. Right?

Hope you had a great holiday.