Penny and Stephanie of Bead Artistry
Just got back from Babe in Oakland and my head is full of creative juice. That's all it takes sometimes to get me in high gear for my next projects. Boy there is a lot of talent out there!!! I met up with many of my favorite designers. My first stop was Bead Artistry 'cause I teach at their store and this was their first bead show to sell their kits. I wanted to lend my support and wore my bracelet which I had made with one of their kits. I loved loved loved that BABE actually had demonstrations this time. I was able to get great tips from felt bead artists and wire working teachers who teach across the country. See more pictures and a little more about the show and who I saw HERE. I tried to restrain myself in the spending dept. I was pretty good but I couldn't get my friend Maria out of the place. This was her first BABE show and originally she had said lets leave at 2pm...I thought ok, no problem that way I won't spend as much money, but after she got into the show it was another story. We left at 4:30 and could have easily spent another hour or so there, my feet hurt so bad!! We didn't even stop to eat..Anyway I thought about my November BJP the whole time I was shopping picking up little things here and there which I could add to my project. I'm only in the beginning stage of this months piece and hope to work on it this week

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Carol said...

Lucky Lucky You to have a bead show near enough to attend. Can't wait to see how you use your loot!