Carols Challenge

Well CAROL OF BEADS AND BIRDS challenged us to snap pictures of our scenery of the day, on the way to work. In my case I have snapped from the time I get up and beyond..Hope you enjoy..I put up all of the pictures on my Gypsy Travels Blog HERE , only so I can keep it separate from the bead journal project and here are a few as well. Hope you enjoy my piece of the world. My first vision of the day is usually Bella, my sweet baby girl, licking and nudging that it's time to get up and out!!! Mommy get up NOW!!! One eye opened, hair glued in the upright position, and fuzzy robe on, we head downstairs to the door. Bellas hair doesn't look all that great either..she's a wild child! In the early, early morning before the sun is all the way up, fog fills the trails that we walk on, and sometimes we'll see a stray coyote on this trail. Not today however. At night we hear them howling and howling. I wonder why people let their cats out to roam at night...but it is beautiful in the morning! As I walk and the sun is now up I'm with my faithful companion and sweet love, Bella!! On my walks everyday, but only on the fall mornings, we see a common sight. The geese hang out on the grass by the little waterfalls over the rocks. I try to leave them be, but when people get to close they uplift together into the air and honk and honk, it is just so cool! Great way to begin the day and thank god for my many blessings. These are the simple pleasures I live for. At night we see them all huddled together under the docks. In the late evenings we have been seeing tiny minnows in abundance!
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