I love Fall

"Crow Season"
My October Tag is almost done. This one went much easier 'cause Fall is my favorite season! You might ask why I chose a crow as my center piece. I always remember that when I would start seeing crows it was in the fall and winter and it was cold outside. I have always associated crows with the coming cold months. I actually took quite a lot of photographs of crows on white snow one year for a college photography class project. Because they are so black, they are the perfect contrast to color and white. Crows like sparkly things as do I, and this piece has bits of sparkles on it. I used olive green swarovski crystals although the pic kind of looks yellowish. The brown foliage leaves that are starting to show up as the nights get colder and leaves are changing I picked up by the yard. The pumpkins are also a favorite of mine as I see everyones homes lined up in anticipation for Halloween . I hope to give a feel of the fall season. All I have left to do is put on the back, decide on the tag hanger, and possibly do beading on the edges.


Tracey N. said...

HI! Love this tag. It is beautiful! Also, you won the freebie friday give away for the pumpkin pin and earrings! I need your mailing address to get it to you. Please email me at need2bead247@charter.net Thanks! great work! I am in love with your tag idea. I wish I would have done something more creative in the shape department. Next year! Tracey

Jacquie said...

Coool beans! Thank you tracy!!! That is awesome!