What does this photo have to do with my BJP??? Nothing except breathing!!! Lance Armstrong rode through town and I watched him ride by in a nano-second. What lungs!! Up the steep hills of Oakhurst in the Sierra Nevada mountains near Yosemite, and down through Mariposa to our town. He is amazing, an inspiration, and a true idol for anyone. Leg 4 of the race and what a thrill to see all these bikers in town. Exciting...!!! It's one of the things I did this past week while I didn't work on my BJP. I'm thinking the block has soon as I got most of my class samples finished my juices started flowing again coming into the home stretch like Lance (no we're not on a first name basis) although I will not even come close to a first place or even 4th place win. Gheesh I hate it when my ideas just don't come together. I am behind but making progress with my tags. I started working backward from February back to make it a little easier on myself and mentally feel like I'm somewhat catching up. February "Garden of Love" is almost finished and I finished November 'Thankful". PHOTOS to come...I promise, but don't get too excited 'cause I'm not thrilled about either of them. I have the beginnings of my January, not titled stay tuned. For December I have too many ideas and not enough time, and this one needs to be a special one which is why I think I'm procrastinating on it. Gotta just breathe and let it flow and move!!!!!!!!!!!!

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