3 days to go!!

Today, I finally decided on my size, format for my bead journal project. I don't want to say what it is until I work on it and finish a little bit. (The surprise element!) I did purchase some graphite paper and some pretty fabrics and a clip art book, which I will need for each piece. Here I go....



I'm going crazy trying to decide how big, little I want my projects to be. I want it to be big enough for a good size finished project, but not too big that I can't finish it each month. September is my birthday month and I have a niece getting married so you can count on one of those themes for the first month project...Here I go...



Today I received my first letter regarding the 2008 BEAD JOURNAL PROJECT. I had wanted to do it last year, but missed the deadline. EXCITING! Since I'm a 'newbie' here's hoping I don't screw a whole lot up...On these pages I will be posting twelve pieces of bead artwork. Each month I will make a piece which will include beads. All pieces will reflect my feelings of the month. Each months piece will be the same size. I'm excited to begin this project and only hope I can make time to do my pieces in a timely fashion. Beginning September I'll try to post my progress! September is going to be crazy for me with classes, a wedding, and a trunk show, so I hope, I hope I fit everything in!!