Today I received my first letter regarding the 2008 BEAD JOURNAL PROJECT. I had wanted to do it last year, but missed the deadline. EXCITING! Since I'm a 'newbie' here's hoping I don't screw a whole lot up...On these pages I will be posting twelve pieces of bead artwork. Each month I will make a piece which will include beads. All pieces will reflect my feelings of the month. Each months piece will be the same size. I'm excited to begin this project and only hope I can make time to do my pieces in a timely fashion. Beginning September I'll try to post my progress! September is going to be crazy for me with classes, a wedding, and a trunk show, so I hope, I hope I fit everything in!!


freebird said...

It is exciting isn't it? Will enjoy seeing your progress and some stories about your dogs.

jacquie said..., thanks for commenting. It is truly exciting and scary at the same time.